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So, our lil Jax’s first birthday is coming up and preparations are slow coming. There will also be a baptism (simply due to my family’s tradition) for him and his lil baby cousin from Chicago. Standard me, wants to um – get all crafty or take on a huge job in a very short amount of time (like my wedding – in which I prepared 2 store bought cakes, dressed them up as a 2 tiered wedding cake, cooked & prepared some of the food (for 30 guests), made my bouquet and Charlie’s boutonniere all on the same day) – I called the bakery/café in LA where they have these amazing red velvet cupcakes that I loved when I was pregnant but for 60 cupcakes it would cost me $75! And so I am thinking to hell with it, if we arrive there Friday and the party is Saturday, I can make about 60 cupcakes on Friday night – and perhaps even tackle a cake for the Baptism part? Or am I just too insane? Ok, maybe just the cupcakes, right?

So how are we doing? Well, so far so good. Sunday we spent Charlie’s 35th birthday watching the SF Giants lose to the San Diego Padres sitting under the scorching sun – (Yes! Even in San Francisco!) To let Charlie enjoy the game, I left our bleacher seats with Jax and walked around the park and eventually just stuck around the trolley car they have up on the deck. Jax loved it. There were so many kids to catch his attention that he missed his nap and didn’t want to eat. He banged on the window, cruised around the seats and yelled at the Giants.

Jax has 2 teeth at the bottom where one is a bit taller than the other one. He has 4 coming in at the top - 2 of which are mostly in but not quite. It’s funny cause I remember thinking to myself and saying to Charlie – when will he have his first tooth? – thinking this because I started to fear that he would get to 12 months without a tooth in sight. And whatdaya know – bam, one popped up and then 4 all at once..poor kid, he’s a bit cranky at times and in the middle of the night he gets super whiney because of it. And really, I’m retarded for fearing that he won’t have teeth as if there seriously is a deadline (cause there isn’t..and if you breast feed – having them not come in yet is a blessing!)

My lil sister spent Friday night & Saturday with us – which was great. Charlie was away on a men’s retreat all day Saturday (he left at 6 am and didn’t get home till midnight) so having her around on Saturday was helpful even though Jax chose that day to have separation anxiety. I would be lying though if I said that when it happens, it doesn’t warm my heart. It lets me know that despite being with his dad all day during the week – he’s still attached to me. So much so, then on Sunday Charlie’s birthday – Jax didn’t want to be left with his dad while I made us breakfast :)

I was going to put up this cute video from my phone but today my phone decided to freeze up on me instead of do its update. i hope all my photos and videos are still intact..*cross fingers*..anyways, can't wait for this weekend :) 

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  1. Jax is so adorably photogenic... Hey can you make us a GF cupcake? ;) We're seriously considering coming (seriously serious). No but 60 cupcakes, are you sure? Don't be putting too much pressure on these mommy shoulders of yours... And if we come, can we help?
    I'm with you on the separation anxiety. Eve tends to ignore me when I drop her off at daycare and I always think "Aren't you a tiny bit sad that I'm leaving???"


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