sort of an update, but not really

3:08 PM

ok, so my dear friend amy asked me to update the blog a here are some pictures - although this is from almost 3 months ago - wait, really? WOW, was memorial day that long ago? as you can see jax is a natural, his parents on the other hand? yeah, we should just remain behind the cameras.  this was once again proven to to me when we went to an appointment that charlie set up yesterday with our church (yes, we have a church. have we gone to church? um, no. why are we even part of a church? well, we are planning to baptize jax in september so anyway, long story short - we pretend to be good catholics). we took pictures in the church/schools gym and i mean there wasnt even a mirror around for you to check yourself wonder they kept pushing the retouching thing. because our pictures were awful. the company reminded me of when we all had to suffer thru school photographs and in my head i was thinking of this. i think they made us (me) purposefully look terrible (coloring and what not. oh and FAT) so that you will buy their retouching fee. but no we settled for our free 8x10 and that was that, much to their disappointment. they had good pictures of jax (but patrick's - above photos - were better) but of his parents? oh hell no. i guess thats what we get for not going to church.

we are in the midst of planning for jax's first birthday party - which will be in LA (sorry bay area peeps) i'll try and keep you posted. 

Happy Friday everyone! Let the weekend commence!

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