3:36 PM

It's hard to take pictures when he moves around so darn much (and its from my phone)! we got this trike thing (not part of the recall, i think. um i hope) awhile back but he just started to really be into it. more like be a menace on it! he totally climbed and stood on it all by himself and even tried to rock it that way! we of course were good parents and told him not to do that while laughing and taking pictures (further encouraging him im sure).

Charlie's been busy trying to get out there and get a teaching job and we've been fortunate enough to have had amazing friends watch Jax for a few hours while Charlie was out and about. But it seems like we will have to seriously find something more permanent (hopefully..its bittersweet) soon - a daycare situation or a nanny share or something. what we really need is some sort of drop-in care really, since most likely Charlie will be able to get substitute teaching jobs and those are usually at a moments notice. more daddy day care?!

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