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yesterday after work, i decided to go home and pick up jax and go to ikea. ever since our playdate with Eve last weekend, where he had climbed in and just sat in Eve's little arm chair, i have been itching to get one. well when i researched the cost of one similar - it was a little pricier than I thought it should be so i checked ikea - and they had one for 30 bucks! SOLD! We had dinner there too. and that was somewhat of a challenge since i was by myself. i had forgotten how it was to be with jax by myself, in public, where people can judge my parenting abilities.

 so this is how it went down, mostly in my head of course - i had jax in a mei tai carrier and my trusty medela pump bag on one shoulder carrying a bunch of unnecessary items that i probably wont use but you know just in case. anyway, i go up to the counter, grab a tray..ok, i can do this, i think to myself. i order a salmon platter for jax and a meatball platter for myself, put it all on the tray..ok, i got this, it takes a little bit of balancing and swatting jax's hands off of the tray luckily he is facing me and not the tray (doesnt mean he is more cooperative). i grab a glass, pay the lady who wants to chit chat while i just need to find the closest table away from people who will be annoyed by food being thrown at them or the floor, which i could try and control but its either that or a screaming child. take your pick. so i find a table near another group with a kid who looks to be close to jax's age but a tad older. i grab a high chair and strap jax in. phew, that wasnt so bad. oh wait. i forgot utensils. crap. now, do i leave him strapped in and walk away for a second? surely, this mom next to me would understand right? eh..ok, i unstrap jax and pick him up and take him with me to get the utensils. crap, my drink. go back up and get a drink. ok, im good to go. and finally sit down to eat..all goes well and then he drops his fork. then my fork. then my spoon. and then i forgot i dont have any napkins. is it okay to use the only cloth diaper i brought as a napkin? why didnt i bring any wipes? what? there has to be one in here somewhere? oh well. we finish our food and jax begins to say hi to this couple behind us, who i thought was totally annoyed that i sat near them (well maybe the guy was but not the girl).

anyway, i let jax loose amongst the kids furniture and he loved it. he loves the free open space and loves being chased. we bought the chair in the photos and some other little items. so far, he is liking the chair. it kinda matches our glider right now, but i'd like to change the fabric some day, when im not lazy (HA!).

BTW, if you want to know when a good time to avoid mass amounts of people at Ikea is - its right after work - like at 5. it's pretty deserted and it feels like they are about to close but you have like 3 hours (to what almost feels like) all to yourself.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I have totally lived your eating out experience. The narrative and all, do I leave him and just go grab the napkins? do I have to take him with me? who is watching?

    Anyway, love the chair, we have been wanting to get Liam one. Now we just need an IKEA!


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