10:46 AM

sorry there are no pictures for this - but i should have been prepared. you would think the camera was strapped around my neck at all times just for these moments.

So last night as the hubby was tinkering on the internet preparing for his day today to solicit a teaching job at private schools in the east bay, i was downstairs watching on demand catching up on my tv shows - actually it just serves as background noise and fodder. i ended up just chasing jax around for fun and noticed him being quiet for a few moments as I was able to watch some bits of my show. and then, he comes up to me and (shoves) shows me his bottle that he so ingeniously figured out how to screw the lids on. i was amazed. and then thought, wait maybe im losing my mind and I was the one that had put the lid on in the first place. so i unscrewed them and gave him a couple of more empty bottles and lids and again he was quiet for sometime and I got to watch some shows. And sure enough he really did screw those lids on!

So we went upstairs to share the news with papa, and much to my enthusiasm on the subject, he was not surprised at all..i guess jax had already been snapping lids to things before tonight :(..oh but i said - he screwed them on! and Charlie said oh, no he hasnt done that. YES! alas - something i was there for..victory is mine, or err jax's. ahh such fine motor skills that boy. As I lay on the bed, reading a book and relax a bit. jax is running around (and around and around), in and out of our bedroom to his room, to the bathroom and i guess i didnt notice that he had brought in his body wash/shampoo and unscrewed the lid and spilled it all over our bedroom floor. crap, such fine motor skills.

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