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We've been scrambling for daycare as of late because Charlie got a JOB! He got the phone call about the offer on my bday before we took off to Monterey. Right now its a part time gig but at a school that we both believe in. It reminds me of the school I went to when I was a kid - small, independent and sort of tough. The school was actually founded right at our home - weird right? We actually still get mail for them from time to time.

So I've been picking up Jax at a nanny share (temporary only) thru Charlie's friends who have a 2 year old boy (a cutie named Magnus). It is out in the cuts and driving there and back puts knots in my stomach. Especially on the drive back - BLINDING SUN GLARE, winding roads, drivers on your ass wanting you to go at least 40 in a 25 with kids crossing the streets, passing by schools and churches and cute (and expensive) homes. Let me tell ya - I will be glad when I dont have to drive there anymore. Charlie has the harder part of dropping him off and lately Jax has not been very appreciative of it. He is very clingy these days. When I leave for work he usually cries, even when he is being held by Charlie.

two nights ago after coming home from the nanny - I was sitting on the couch watching TV while Jax was running about getting into things and playing with bottles (screwing the lids on - one of his favorite pastimes) as he was approaching me to give me the bottles he suddenly gasps drops the bottles and points with not just his fingers but kind of his entire body. He is super excited for some reason and quickly runs while yelling in delight to the windows and as I turned around to see, I notice the cats. he was being delighted by the neighborhood cats walking about who just stopped right in front of the window. Jax was pointing to them in amazement and screaming with delight, mouth ajar gasping absolutely fascinated by them...it was the cutest thing ever.

I'll post more photos from our trip to Monterey and a real update too, hopefully um...soon?

ps - would you be worried if you googled the name of one of the daycares you were looking into and the first result is a myspace page with a questionable profile ID? (And the profile itself screams - I still act as if I'm a bubblegum teenager and god forbid you actually want to read my profile but you cant because i've bedazzled the shit out of it.) I mean, seriously? If you were smart you would have one not associated with the other, right? or is it just me and its totally appropriate?

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