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Sorry for the late post. Let's see, these are from Halloween and also my birthday trip to Monterey. Jax was a lil ninja for Halloween. I put the outfit together 10 mins before we walked out the door to join the kiddie Halloween parade down our block where we ran into Jax's friend Nikko. They exchanged some hellos and some yummy snacks. It started to drizzle so we were unable to hang out with our other ninja friend Eve :(.

Monterey was fun, although 2 hours into it Jax tripped and did a face plant onto metal railings - NOT FUN. He had a few very noticeable bruises and bumps. But we managed to calm him (and myself!)and enjoyed the rest of the day. It helps to order tix online and get a stamp so you can re-enter throughout the day. We ate at fish hopper restaurant (moderately priced but its equal to the portion and it was pretty darn yummy - it was definitely a splurge for us) where we also bought our souvenir Monterey Bay mug - only $2.15! Deal!

The pictures of Jax at the beach is on our way back home from spending the weekend in Monterey. This happened to be the very same beach I went to with some of my lovely and dear friends back when I was pregnant with Jax. It was low tide at that time so we were able to explore caves and what not, but seeing how the tide was rising we tried to leave before we got stuck in one. Unfortunately, as everyone was trying to avoid the incoming high tide, the one with the shorter legs happened to have bit it and got almost waist deep in the ocean - yeah that was me..super prego me :) of course that would happen!

Anyway, it was super fun. The only thing I wish I could have done differently was my attitude. I was a little bit upset that my birthday didnt turn out to be as i had hoped it would have been (hello - CAKE! as in, i wanted cake but didnt get any) but in hindsight it still was fun and great to get away and i loved it....

on another note - I cant wait for our trip to Hawaii! We are going in 22 days! Yep, I decided we should still continue with our plans. Thanks Amy & Cat for the pep talk :)

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