belated video

9:52 PM

here is more of jax "dancing". this was actually shot first before the other one i posted up but for some reason this video had trouble loading until now.

we are still not quite settled in and are sort of living out of boxes. needless to say, mornings are the worst. trying to find anything, like socks resembling a match for jax is challenging. also, i lost my keys (that had my car & office keys!). i know they are somewhere in the house at least, i hope they still are. jax has gotten into the habit of throwing things out the windows. but that's what i get for letting jax play with things he really shouldnt play with. oops, my bad.

anyways...i'll post a better update soon...

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  1. I love how he closes the door for
    more dancin room!

    He loves dancing like his mama do!



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