weekend update

12:27 PM

we did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. partly because we all were feeling a bit sick (i was feeling lethargic actually AND sick). we did however, manage to get new (to us) couches from my friend Amy's Aunt who purchased a new set for her home. we reserved a uhaul and made a trip to corte madera on sunday to pick up the couches and also squeezed some grocery shopping in. so not all of the weekend was wasted.

sunday as we (charlie and i) were enjoying our new comfy couch watching some tv, we heard a bit of a ruckus going on in the kitchen..we both looked at each other because we both knew what jax was getting into.

hence this:

when we found him, he came running toward us saying - uh, oh...(a phrase he likes to use A LOT these days) before we got to what he did and he went back over the mess and acted like - what? nothing to see here people...

our new place has ample storage in the kitchen. unfortunately for us, most of it is at toddler level. we have those toddler cabinet locks but we haven't gotten around to installing them yet. which is why most of our stuff is still in boxes and whatever is out in the cabinets, its pretty much understood that jax will get into it. the above used to have more items in it but we soon realized this was not very smart of us.

jax has slept in his room for over a week now (i've kind of lost count). he usually still wakes a few times at night but can wrestle himself back to sleep with not much crying (in comparison to the first day!). sometimes he is able to go right back to sleep or with an aid of a bottle laying around for him to find. and now with the new couches, we brought in our old couch into his room and charlie slept on it last night..moving farther away from him and probably in a day or two, charlie will finally be back in our bed..hahaha, yeah, he's been sleeping in jax's room while we make the transition from the family bed to his bedroom.

in other news, charlie has gotten a long term sub position at his school so now he will be working more hours. this is both good and bad.

anyways, oh yeah - happy valentine's day!

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  1. did my aunt give you the famous blue couches??? i looooooove those!

  2. yep! they are super duper comfy! we love em now too ;)


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