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9:15 PM

I recently spoke up about motherhood and dealing with my mother's death over here, if you care to listen. I don't mind if you don't since I haven't completely finished listening to it myself - because I'm terrified and nervous that I don't make any sense or that it's just useless drivel. But, you know after that "interview" I felt this sort of release, a relief of sorts. It allowed me to come to terms with my mom's death and what was most surprising was the realization of how much of an easy going mom I came to be..which is NOT how I ever imagined myself becoming or ever being.

If you haven't already visited this parenting site - The Longest Shortest Time - you should. I know there are a lot of parenting blogs out there but this one is articulate, refreshing and just real..not that those other blogs aren't real but anyway, have a gander over there and you'll see what I mean..and as an example, don't start with mine first! Start at the beginning..or not, or whatever. just go over there and check out the stories (podcasts).

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  1. love this pic!
    and thank you for sharing your story.


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