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This helicopter ride was my favorite as a kid because it was really the only one worth the quarter or two you would spend on any of the other rides that just kind of vibrated because this ride actually goes up and down. But back in my day - i remember it even going side to side - and you could control it - now i dont think it allows you but still totally worth the three quarters (ok we spent $1.50 on it). Jax was still totally content with just sitting on the other rides without having to pay :). He spent a good hour in this area with Charlie, while I tried to shop for some maternity clothes - but couldn't find anything worth waiting in line for or really spending any money on.

After our trip - he totally conked out! :)


Here's a compilation of Jax's sleeping positions:

Butt in air (hands underneath his body)- his favorite

 The "Al Bundy" - a new favorite of mine.

Then came this one - What should this one be called?


Friday after our ultrasound of baby #2... I got a call at work from Jax's daycare saying he was running a fever AND shaking. I tried to tell her - well, he is teething. Did you try and just give him some ibuprofen and wait an hour to see if the fever went down? to which they of course said - well, we're not supposed to keep them when they have a fever to begin I pick him up (during nap time - they could have at least told me to come AFTER nap time - the poor kid hasnt been sleeping very well as of late!) and he was pretty cooperative and we went home and I undressed him a bit (they had him completely bundled up - not good for a high fever but understandable since they thought he was shivering) and we played and I gave him snacks and whatdaya know - he's totally fine (except he did continue to have a fever off an on throughout the entire weekend..and it only finally broke last night around 10 pm when he was asleep for about 2 hours and continued to wake every few hours. He got so used to us sleeping all together AND getting 24 hour nursing sessions again.....bad habits die hard! Poor kid's voice is hoarse!)

See, the kid's fine...

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