4:14 PM

We just got back from a trip down to LA for Memorial Day weekend. No traffic and we made a lot of stops on the way back home to curtail any cabin fever/temper tantrum issues. We took the 99 on the way back so there were plenty more opportunities to stop and get our legs moving about. We chose a park with a play structure in MacFarland..then later down the hwy we saw a stop that featured a petting zoo! I made a mental note of that place so we could stop there next time :).

Saturday we had spent the afternoon with my family who threw a BBQ but there was no swimming to be had since it was super windy :(..There was a 3 month old baby and when he was crying, Jax kept slowly inching his way toward the baby. He was totally fascinated by him. When the baby was getting changed he went up to him and started to gently "pet" him with direction of course. He could not stop staring at that baby! It was really sweet sight to see.

I'll post pictures when I get home - hopefully by tonight ;)

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