33 weeks (actually, 32 weeks & 4 days)

9:02 PM

eh, do i have to kiss "the baby"?
There, you happy? some belly pics for you!
I had a great day today. First, it was the third day I actually took the time (which meant an extra 10 mins of not lounging in bed cursing the fact i have to get up and go to work instead) to put make-up on and wear my hair in some sort of fashionable way and also actually dress as though i didnt just wake up and wear what i had slept in and be a frumpy lump. Second, we had a midwife appointment today and everything was great. Baby is now measuring at 33 weeks, right where s/he oughta be! so he/she is no longer behind (if you remember - a couple of visits there s/he had measured 3 weeks behind!) and so i guess i was just hiding her or him well - but obviously no longer as you can see by the photos that i am indeed HUGE!

In 4 weeks, this baby will be full term and i will finally be close to being on maternity leave! My last day is Aug. 31st - yes the middle of the week, a wednesday I think. and yes, i am still going to work the full month of August .. yes, i am absolutely insane.

the baby is still pretty active except the movements are slower and actually getting more uncomfortable. Often I can feel some sort of body part, as if the baby is trying to elbow me or knee me. the baby is already head down. i actually had some braxton hicks last night..we still havent decided on a boy name and yes, i still think this is going to be a boy - despite us not finding out the sex (sorry Amy. Linda & Tita Angelique)

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