34 weeks

6:37 PM

Charlie: Why don't you smile?
How's this?
Charlie: Cherlyn, smile..
Me: I AM smiling..
Is this better?

Jax: Like this Momma - CHEESE!

So here we are at 34 weeks. I don't remember being in such discomfort the first time around at this stage but then again I wasn't chasing around an almost 2 year and managing his bedtime routines (or fighting them). Charlie still takes off in the evening most days to take care of his other commitments and so I have to fend for myself..and sometimes (other times its totally fine and doable) I really feel like - dude, when are you gonna get it? I AM HUGE AND UNCOMFORTABLE. Remember? I'm pregnant - meaning, can I just veg out and collapse when I get home and not worry about anything, and you take care of things? But then again, since I don't pipe up about it, I shouldn't really complain or expect the fact that he will just GET IT. But he tries. He asks me if I'm ok..and really I am - its just that I'm pregnant and it's uncomfortable. I can't really explain unless you've already been there. I have heard of women who love being pregnant and actually miss it..I have yet to meet one of these women, and I don't think I will ever be one of them. But kudos to them.

anyway..in a couple of weeks we have our first midwife appt. at our house. This is a new thing since with jax they would always come over our house to do the visits - every visit. But in order for them to expand they now have offices in 3 bay area locations and have most of their visits there up until the 36 week visit which is done at home. And after that it's almost every week - or two weeks, I think..wow..we are really almost there! I have just 4 weeks left of work! YIPEEEEE...but then really, I'm only giving myself 9 days before the due date..

Amy thinks the baby will be ready early - giving a date of Sept. 7th. What do you think? Most people also think it will be a boy, as do I? Do you have any boy name suggestions? We have agreed on 2 names for boys so far..but I'm not about to reveal them, sorry.

We finally gave in and sort of organized a baby shower - ok, its really not a baby shower but a BBQ birthday party for Charlie in the next 2 weeks. He invited a shit ton of people..i hope that a shit ton of people dont show up all at once! I feel kind of funny about being the one organizing the baby shower thing - its like we are saying HEY PLEASEEEE GIVE US SOME STUFF... i dont expect to get anything really. and if we do, thats pretty nice of people knowing how tough it is in this economy and that they have their families to take care of too. I don't even want anything new..hand-me-downs are awesome..we do have most if not all (just missing the infant carseat and extra base) of the big ticket items.  but we are seriously lacking teeny tiny baby clothes.

anyhoot...i think i'll go lay down and veg out now :) Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Oh and these are my new glasses that I was so excited about but after getting them back - eh, they aiight. I thought they were much cuter when I first picked them out but now..bleh...so I ordered two new pairs of glasses thru zenni online - $28.75 total, includes shipping, the frames and the Rx! Hope those fair out much better.

- Oh and the outfit was one of the items I bought at Sears! it comes with a belt but, it wasn't really doing me any good. Dress was on sale = $9!

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  1. Sorry I am so late to reading this blog, Cherlyn! I started reading the Birth Partner and then it occurred to me that I need to keep up on how you are doing.
    I think if you need some extra help from CW during these next few weeks it is not out of the question to ask him for that. His other responsibilities may be important but his family should always come first. Don't be shy, he will understand. You cannot always be the super strong woman you appear to be; sometimes you need coddling too.
    Can't wait to see you this Sunday at the party and I'm also very excited about the meeting on Wed.


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