6:18 PM

Had another great day today. It helped that I took the day off from work! I got my eyes checked (essentially the same Rx, except one eye but could of stuck with my old Rx) and ordered a new pair of glasses which I have been itching to do. Also went to see a chiropractor who wasn't pushy about having to go in for a gazillion sessions and feel slightly better. Went bargain shopping (one place was in the most unlikely of places - Sears! they actually had some cute clothes and they were 50% off! I was at Sears for my eye exam.) and scored 2 pairs of shoes, 5 dresses, one shirt, 2 pairs of leggings and even a pair of earrings! All of which were under $100 AND I could wear them after this baby is born too. I also managed yet another day not looking/feeling frumpy. Good thing to since I ran into an old friend of mine while I picked up lunch! So was truly such a great day....

*oh just now - Charlie got me a scratcher that Jax had picked out - and it was a winner! A mere $3 but still - it was a winner :) Also Charlie said he was 5 minutes from getting a parking ticket because he forgot to move the car to the other side of the street - but luckily he had to do some work at the house and the parking citation officer was a few cars down, so he was able to move it!  It's the little things.

I'll have to post some photos of my bounty :)

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  1. Sears, Oakland-Sears? You should have totally called me up!! Hmm I might have to go check what they have since they got your approval... Can't wait to see your new glasses!


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