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I just found these photos! They're from last month when we made a visit to the Berkeley Lawrence Science Hall with Jax and his Grandma Linda.

So I figure, it's been awhile and I needed to do an update.

We just got back from a trip to Seattle to visit Charlie's good friends, one of whom is actually Jax's Godfather. The flight there (8pm flight) I thought he would just sleep - but no..he was so interested in everything. The giggling college girls in the row ahead of us. Jax would mimic their laughter and outbursts. He would yell out avion (airplane in Spanish) at the airplanes outside the window. He finally did want to sleep when we landed but awoke to the harsh lights and the announcements broadcasted in the cabin. He did of course conk out in the rental car on the way to Paul & Jen's house.

More and more, I see how his language and comprehension have grown since the previous months. While we were waiting in line on our way back to Oakland, Charlie quizzed Jax on his body parts, all in Spanish of course, and to my surprise he knew where each of the parts were. His eyes, his ears, his mouth, his teeth, his tongue, his arms (that one I was surprised at), and his feet. Charlie likes to confuse him and ask him where his elbows and knees are too - but he only gets those after the first few tries. *I forgot to mention he knows his name and will point to himself and say Jackson (with a Spanish accent) and point to his classmates at daycare and say their names. He likes to babble a lot - I'm sure to him it's not babbling. I can understand bits and pieces but mostly its from his gestures. His personality is also shinning through. He is a big goofball. A sweet, silly kid really.

So, as for me and baby #2 - we're either at 29wks & 4 days (as stated above - which is from my ultrasound) or at 30 wks & 4 days (from my LMP), either way we are in the third semester!! Which is crazy, because this pregnancy has gone by sooooo fast. I can't believe that I have just two months of work left and then I'm having a baby! I plan to stay at work until the end of August and return in January.

I feel this baby move and kick a lot more than I had felt Jax - but it maybe because I am more aware this time around but also I guess Jax was just more mellow when he was in utero - but now? he's all over the place and very active. So maybe this one will be more mellow when he/she is out? Did I just jinx myself there?

Anyway, Jen's mom got us some girl clothes - and I happily accepted even though we have no idea if we are in fact having a girl, but I'll take it for the mojo! Most people say it will be a boy because of how my stomach is shaped. I would be really happy either way as long as the baby is healthy :)

What do you think I'm having? Oh wait, I guess it would help if I had a belly photo up, huh? Maybe next time... ;)

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