4:38 PM

Raima is 2 months old today! (Pretty polka dot bow courtesy of Eve's mom, Mathilde - THANK YOU!)

She coos, gurgles, laughs and smiles. She sleeps a good chunk at night, which I am not used to and am enjoying it while it lasts!  During the day, it's a different story. She usually will go down fine until I realize I need to use the bathroom or oh say, figure I should eat something and right then and there she will decide to wake up from her nap. no, seriously. She got her first shots today :( but did as well as she could of have.

In other news, related to my fears - after having it put out there in the ether..somehow, miraculously or whatever, I got a voicemail from my boss stating that work is jumping and that they could really use my help right about oh NOW and so yeah..I called and we're trying to figure out how it'll all look for us, but its looking pretty good. Still going to be working part-time at least which is actually a blessing in disguise, since I've been fretting on putting Raima into daycare at 4 months old. So this way, we won't have too :)

*the ghetto birds are whirring & whirling right above our place right now due to the Occupy Oakland stuff (they got raided a 2nd time) down at Oscar Grant Plaza which is less than a mile down the street (0.7 mi and about a 16 min. walk to be google exact). I forget what quiet sounds like these days since this whole Occupy stuff. Don't even get me started on how the media is portraying all this (like terrorists, that's how they are portraying the occupiers). I believe in what they are doing, since last I checked we are definitely the 99%...but what is the solution? I know it's not easy to answer nor is there an easy answer.

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  1. haha...cute baby! I love the way she smiles. Priceless!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, follow back!



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