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I know it’s been forever since I’ve updated (with words at least) so forgive me. Raima is almost 6 months now! Whoa, how time flies. She’s half way there to being not such a little baby anymore, but we are enjoying her as she is. Charlie started to feed her solids last week, bananas! And she loved it. She grabs at anything within her reach and is learning to sit up on her own. She still needs a little help and can topple over if you aren’t careful. Jax LOVES to make her laugh and loves to lay down with her, hug her, squeeze her and slobber all over her. Which means only one thing – she gets sick a lot! Our house has been a sick ward for what seems like an entire month. First it’s Jax, then it’s Raima then it’s Charlie and then I cave in and admit defeat that I too am sick. Then we’re better, then it’s Jax then it's Raima, and then it starts all over again. Sigh. Our house needs some serious deep cleaning and we haven’t been able to do much since we’ve been sick and trying to catch up with people from the weekends previous plans when we were sick, so our house gets neglected. Bleh.


This past Saturday we helped celebrate Jax’s daycare provider’s recent nuptials by throwing her and her new husband a wedding celebration complete with a two tiered wedding cake, cake pops, jam favors, several yummy dishes (it was a potluck and the best potluck I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of. All the dishes were exceptional! It was like a catered event!) and even a photoboth (smilebooth). That is how much we love our daycare provider. She is wonderful and she truly deserved it.

Sunday, was a nice warm day spent grocery shopping and me organizing the back porch laundry storage area. I really wish I had taken a picture of the before because the after – is quite amazing, at least for me it is, and helped me to overcome some anxiety and stress. Now, that 3-4 week clean laundry pile waiting to be folded? That’s another story! But I have been more motivated for sure to tackle the house and its disorganization. So much so, that I ordered 3 more laundry baskets, since we only have one that we use to take out the laundry and sort with. This is aside from the laundry hamper that gets filled to the brim. I should tell you though that the person in charge of the laundry is Charlie. I really shouldn’t say in charge but he just takes charge of it which is great, cause I HATE laundry. Anyway, I had this $200 home depot gift card from work (that was our Christmas bonus this year :/)that is finally depleted (still have .92 cents left!) by the last few purchases to get this house organized.

Have I told you how much I love home depot? Well, I do. And you know what we got with that measly $200 gift card at home depot? Well, let me tell ya – A kitchenaid ice cream maker, a kitchenaid hand immersion blender, 2 instant screen door thingies, one 4-shelf storage rack, 4 large see thru storage bins and 3 laundry baskets…I think that’s it but I could be missing something – oh yeah, and a 5’x7’ area rug!

This year, I plan on seeing a lot more of home depot because I really want to tackle our backyard and plant a garden, build a small deck as well as build a playhouse for the kiddos. We shall see..

ps - there's 2 new videos up

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