Free is not really free

11:02 AM

Who doesn't love free stuff? okay maybe it depends on what the stuff is but anyway and when is free, really free? I had put up a post on freecycle asking if anyone had an old outdoor play structure they weren't using anymore and that I could take off their hands..and wouldn't you know it - someone contacted me the next day and said if I would be interested in this:

My immediate reaction was to send a quick - HELL YES! but when I was enthusiastically telling Charlie all of this, he reminded me that we don't own our property and that I really should check with our landlord or property manager. I think he said this cause he didn't want anything to do with it all. And before speaking with Charlie, I just simply assumed that it would be okay..which is foolish of me. So, i quickly sent texts out to our property manager (who is our neighbor and friend) - and he of course, said - YES! :) I was filled with joy.

But we had to pick it up on a weekend that it was expected to rain. and rain it did..but it wasn't actually that bad and Charlie got an additional person to help too (Eve's dad!) and it was all completed within an hour.

All in all - not including labor - this "free" set cost me $118.73 for a new canopy (Since the old one had a small quarter sized hole), a new swing seat with chain (because the old one was just old) , a new infant/toddler seat (for Raima, of course), a new set of rock climbing holds as well as a new anchor kit. I would add a few more to this amount, since I anticipate buying new bolts because some of them were rusty and or couldn't be removed - but it was a small amount. I also have found a site that can deliver free mulch/wood chips so that won't cost us a thing except for some labor :)

Now all we have to do is put it back up this weekend, so we shall see..

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