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Well, hello there…

Let’s see..lots and lots of things have happened lately, which is why I haven’t been able to post anything. But I have been writing posts – in my head..when will they have an app to directly submit from my brain these posts I think of? Seems crazy or matrix-y but it could happen, if this is any indication.

So, I am officially back on Facebook, but I refuse to spend excessive amounts of time there as I previously have since giving it up for lent. It was such a great exercise for me. I found that I am more plugged in than I need (and want) to be. I am more present with my kids if my face isn’t attached to my phone. Leaving facebook, allowed me to relax and actually find time to do other things. I wasn’t constantly checking my phone for messages and status updates. I wasn’t constantly checking on other’s news feeds to see what was happening in their lives. Instead I was living mine; Playing with my kids and enjoying what my life is about, right now. And now, I find myself getting frustrated at times when Charlie is plugged in and I immediately understand where Jax was coming from when he used to get upset when he would see me/us looking at our phones. Although, I did miss out on people getting engaged, cute babies being born, and people announcing they are pregnant (BABIES BABIES EVERYWHERE!!)! How did we ever manage before? Oh, right using the phone as something you call people with and talk on, right..

I have, however been more on instagram since my leaving facebook. Which is also why I haven't been posting much. It is sooo much easier to take a quick picture, write a few words and hit upload. BOOM, instant update. Instant capture of the moment. If you don't have instagram or a smartphone (they recently launched on Andrioid, so you have no excuse now if you do have a smartphone) you can view/follow mine on the web - here. (a side note: since one of our friends' husband created an app wayyy before instagram ever came out that is similar but not the same (head scratch, but I think you know what I mean..you dont? well go check out the app and see for yourself). I feel torn and conflicted at times when I use instagram but I like it too (sorry) because of it's ability of multiple uploads in one day.)

Anyway, let’s try out a top ten list..I like lists. I write several lists through the day. Actual pen to paper, no smartphone usage (thought I have but end up writing it down anyway).

The haps:

1. Had family over for two consecutive weekends (photos will be posted soon).
2. Had an Easter BBQ, where I made ribs for the first time and it was supposedly a success (there was none left for me to tryL).
3. We successfully put up the play structure for the Easter BBQ (photos will be posted soon).
4. Left the boys for a weekend Yosemite trip for a bachelorette get together, just me and Raima (again, photos will be posted soon).
5. Lost the big project I was working on at work (total bummer).
6. Feared I was going to have to go back to part-time (but I would be lying if I said that I would’ve minded).
7. Just received word that we picked up 4 new projects (so I think I will be full time for a bit longer).
8. Got new Rx glasses, yesterday that I LOVE. I have wanted to get new designer-y (dare I say hipster-y) glasses for awhile (and since Eve's mom got a good looking new pair - I kept thinking about getting some new ones) but couldn’t afford to shell out the designer-y prices, until I found out about Coastal.com thanks to a person I follow on instagram. I have purchased online glasses from other sites before (zenniglassesshop, which are good and cheap too) but the glasses I received from Coastal seemed to be of higher quality, sturdier and I still only paid about $30+ (includes frames, Rx, special coatings & shipping) for them. Go check them out! Like NOW, first pair (to new customers) are *FREE (yes, there is an asterisk – it’s free if you get the standard lenses and your Rx is at 1.5 and you don’t get any special coatings but you would still have to pay shipping. It includes a nice sturdy glasses case (zenni and glasseshop do send you one too but it is a flimsy plastic case) and a spray lens cleaner plus a microfiber cloth to clean your glasses. And no, this is not a sponsored post (HA, I WISH I could get some sponsored posts – that means I would have freebies). Anyway, I will definitely be getting more pairs from this site, when I can. Lots of great frames to choose from!
9. Can’t wait for this weekend because it will be warm and sunny .
10. We decided we are just staying put this weekend after a discussion of where we shall go this weekend; To enjoy our backyard (and fix it up) and clean/organize our home.

What are your plans this weekend?

Ps. Jax said he loved me and missed me - totally melted my heart!

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