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So hi, you guys still around? I know, I know. I owe you guys a lot of pictures and updates and I keep putting things off and or writing a post and never publishing it and when I remember to dig it out and hit publish what I wrote is no longer relevant. Anyway, speaking of digging out – I have been dreaming of doing some landscape work to our backyard – especially before the kiddos birthday party this September.

At first, I had an idea of sectioning off areas – with some grass/turf, some areas with mulch and the rest gravel as well as building a deck and turning the middle sort of unusable portion into some seating areas because usually this concrete area is where people sit. But then – I saw an article of a front yard with raised beds and only gravel and it was gorgeous and then it hit me – duh, let’s just make it all gravel with a small portion of ground cover/turf or mulch around the trees we already have planted.

 So, here is what I have found as inspiration:

What do you think?

I happen to think it looks great and would require much less maintenance than having a wood deck and more grass/turf. I still would build benches on top of the concrete semi-wall that we have going down the center of our backyard (it's about as high as mid shin, and like I said - its where most people sit when we have bbqs). Oh and then there was this - love the look! I think I will incorporate the vertical garden part on the fencing.

Now, the only problem is - when do I have time to do this? I need to start the work somehow, right? but this month of June is packed with visits, birthday parties and what nots every weekend. My inlaws are coming this Father's day weekend and would be a great time to have my hands free to do some work but we have a birthday party on Saturday and well, it's Father's day on Sunday - hmm..maybe I could do it on Sunday? at least prep some of the work and have Charlie and his parents go off somewhere to enjoy Father's day?  If you click on that link above - they started their backyard renovation one corner at a time..maybe that's the way to do it. But I have a deadline of Sept. 8th - which is when we plan to have the kiddos bday party. That's only 3 months away - wait, my kids are going to be 1 and 3! OH MY! (let's not mention I will be 35 this year. THIRTY-FIVE! I remember thinking that was middle aged old when I was a teenager)

P.S. I will get some photos up of the kiddos, I promise..soon, real soon!

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