Weekend Update

12:41 PM

Look at that - two, TWO posts in one day!!! and this one has pictures :) Saturday we were set to go to a summer potluck but with Raima teething and having a low grade fever and Jax not waking up til about 4:30 PM - we didn't end up going. Instead we did a lot of backyard work (sorry, I need to remember to take photos of the progress and work we've been doing - which doesn't look like much, but my muscles would tell you other wise)

**Update on my update! I completely forgot that we had a lovely dinner on Saturday evening with our friends the Vega-Duncavages at their home in Pacifica. Jenny had made an absolute yummy stuffed peppers dish which inspired me to attempt to make an improvised one with whatever we had on Sunday night. For some reason, I always thought it was super complicated or couldn't wrap my head around what to stuff the peppers with or what flavors to put in it etc etc. Jenny said her dish was something she just made up - and it was delicious! Thanks you guys for an awesome nite. My mommy brain just forgot to write about it (seeing how I have been forgetting to write or post about anything most of the time)

Sunday we spent brunch with our good friends Mihaela and Ryan at their new place over here in the East Bay (they moved from the City recently). Ryan whipped up a wonderful frittata with some blue potatoes and Mihaela made a yummy arugula salad with a medley of cherry tomatoes - I was too hungry and devoured it all before I even thought of taking a picture. Also, Ryan gave us an old full sized bed from his storage (it is now in the kiddos room for future use) as well as his Lego set from when he was a kid! Jax absolutely loved the lego set (and the bed, I found him sleeping on there with Charlie this morning) and continued to play with it when he got home all the way up to his bedtime.

It was hot chocolate by the way..He also asked me to keep taking pictures of him with his lego, um, shooter thingy that he made which he said was actually a flag..

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