(A Belated Post) Happy Birthday Kiddos!

6:30 AM

WOW! I have a 3 year old (gasp!) and a 1 year old (OY!). My how time does really fly by sometimes. Last year we were unable to have a birthday party for Jax's 2nd birthday - it was celebrated with an ordinary family dinner and a cupcake because I was pregnant at the time and was over due by 2 days at that point, so I didn't get around to planning anything. Sorry Jax, but I hope I made it up to you on your 3rd birthday - because we had  TWO parties! One in Oakland, so we could celebrate with our friends and one in LA (as in el lay- not Louisiana) we could celebrate with family (and also have Raima's baptism)

In Oakland - we celebrated with a BBQ in our newly finished backyard (It's amazing - it was completed just in time - THANK YOU PAUL (and your crew) for getting it done!). We invited our friends and Jax's friends from his daycare. From the looks of it and the aftermath, I'm going to assume that everyone had a good time. Jax LOVED having all his friends over and no one wanted to leave (and go to bed)!

In LA we had a nice pool party at my uncle's house in Porter Ranch (thank goodness for the pool - it was 102 degrees!). I got to see my family and friends (from high school!) and reconnect with everyone. the best part was watching my kids play with my cousins' kids. It definitely tugged at my heart strings and of course I thought of my mom. I cried a little bit after everyone had left that night. The planning (catering, logistics etc) and all the mess involved with that (the baptism, coordinating with the church but thankfully I got a lot of help from my mom's side of the family. I'm not even a very religious person but I know it's a tradition that my mom would have wanted me to continue with) was really tough for me - because I know it would have gone much easier (or maybe not) if my mom was around to help. In any case, it was a really special time.

*It turns out, I didn't have that many photos after all! :( That's what happens when you try and enjoy yourself at your own party, you forget to document all the fun. (and yes, that is my birth pool being used as a kiddie pool. don't worry it was cleaned before ever becoming a kiddie pool. besides, raima wasn't actually born it, I just labored in it ;) )

Anyhoot..Happy Friday! So, what are you all up to this weekend?

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