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I am currently.... 

Achieving some goals I made regarding re-designing, re-vamping this lil blog of mine. It's still a work in progress but I am scheduling time to write and publish posts to keep this blog updated regularly. Writing is very therapeutic for me. I've recently updated our about page, and in doing so, it had me reflect back on a lot of my writing/posts from my "old" blog.

Building two bedroom night stand/side tables that have been neglected for months, ever since we bought it from ikea. I have high hopes that it will finally get put together, painted and stained this weekend. 

Collecting design ideas for the blog. I'm glad there are lots of great resources out there, some free (like this site - that I used to make my buttons and ads. You can also use it to make collages and edit photos) and some not. Specifically from here. (*I was not paid to say these things. These are actual sites I use :) )

Dealing with trying to potty train our 3 year old. Yeah, enough said. 

Enjoying our lovely backyard. Having an actual, usable backyard allows us to play outside more and eat al fresco breakfasts. I'm hoping to get some bistro type string lights up soon..

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