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1:47 PM

Arrghh...Still doing some changes to the blog, sorry. i keep finding things i don't like about it. its too simple, or too much, or the widths are annoying me and or the coding is taking a little longer to determine and change and and and....butt holes.

i also have the birthday kiddos post to put up too! i promise to get to that tonight (fingers crossed). i'm also in need of updating the about page. sigh. i thought i was finished and nope. and remember that sponsor/ad opportunity i mentioned? i should have accepted it right there and then because now, i haven't heard back yet and that was money we could have used to pay one of our bills. oh well. it just means i need to ramp up efforts on designing this blog for my comfort and where it strikes a balance of not annoying you readers with advertisements and other crap but to also still gain traffic. you don't mind do you? i promise not to do giveaways - what's wrong with giveaways anyway? ok, i can't promise that, cause well - i happen to, when i have time, join in on the little giveaway action - who doesn't like free stuff?


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  1. Giveaways are awesome!! But not when that's all you ever do and there isn't anything to actually read.. LOL I think the blog looks great, but obviously everyone is their own worst critic.. (:


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