Playing dress up?

6:00 AM

So, now that I have a little girl, there are so many more stylish clothes out there for me to choose from. It's kind of weird that I am actually excited about this. I've always said, at least when buying things for Jax, that when you go into a kids clothing store, there are sooo many more clothes for girls than there are for boys. There was never enough regular looking boy clothes but instead there were clothes plastered with slogans, sports stuff, cars & trucks and other annoying stereotypical stuff (sorry, annoying to me at least) that I just wish there was more for boys in the realm of regular and yes, kind of plain clothes (and sometimes there are but it basically looks like school uniformish) that aren't expensive. I mean, I know there are clothes out there that are fresh and hip and not stereotypically screaming raging toddler boy, but they also cost like $30+ for like a t-shirt that he won't be able to wear in a few months.

I havent bought any clothes yest for Raima though because we've been fortunate enough to have received an abundance of lovely girl clothes - from birth and beyond - from our wonderful friends who have a little girl of their own. But, it doesn't mean I don't like to online "window" shop! When I find something I like I usually pin them on my (pinterest) board, but I haven't been lately. Work has actually been quite busy so I'm stuck working (oh the horror!) rather than leisurely working and being able to take a break here and there and veg away online (i have in the past 3 days, forgotten to take a lunch until about 3PM - seriously? now that's horrific).

Anyway, Happy Thursday!

*part of this was an old post. my apologies! I can't seem to locate the original sources of the images. But when I do, I will credit the sources! - I'm currently uploading a crap ton of photos, so bear with me while I get those up and finally get you guys (sorta) up to date on things over here at the Wagner house.

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