Simple Saturdays

4:44 PM

This is what our Saturdays have been looking like lately..we recently enrolled Jax in a gymnastics class using the money he got from his birthday (thank you family & friends!). We are also, like I posted yesterday - potty training and so far it's been ok, but we needed to stock up on some training pants and some underwear too, if we were going to be serious about it! Also bought by gift cards from his birthday! :)

Raima is sort of, kind of, not really, walking. The most steps she's taken was today on our deck - about 10 steps or so. I think it's hard for her to get used to the idea when you have an older brother who tends to, um, shove you, I mean, take away opportunities to be standing up..

The photos are not in order, this is how the mobile blogger app uploaded them. And it uploads a different size then the ones uploaded on the computer.

*Last photo is right now - so I was able to post! :) Have a great weekend everyone!

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