Cha Cha Cha Changes...

10:33 AM you can see - there have been some changes around here. What do you think? The header image isn't complete yet, since there is someone obviously missing (the hubs, in case you were wondering)..but it was all I had on my work computer and what I was able to do in between, you know working. Anyway, I have decided to open up the blog to advertisers and sponsors. I hope that this doesn't deter anyone of you lovely readers from visiting (although, I'm sure it would you help guys to visit more often, if I posted regularly - and I am. I will. Starting this weekend.)

I also started to research other blogs (and take notice on the blogs, I already do frequent) to see how they set up their sites with ads & sponsors. What I like most about this whole thing is - helping out other bloggers. I would definitely put up a "button" or do a shout out for other bloggers to get them more readers, because I would like this myself. In fact, I just bought my first sponsor space for this blog on another mom blog site. It was easy, and cheap ($2/mo!) and she even offers a sponsor swap. Going to her site actually taught me a lot, because through her site I found out about the passionfruit app (and no, I'm not being paid to tell you about them).

Anyhoot, after all this I want to post at least everyday (ok, that maybe a little ambitious, no?) and when I mean everyday - it may just be a sentence or two until I can actually post a full update or what have you. I need to see this as also an opportunity for me to grow as a writer (a dream of mine, ahh to be called a writer/author! but blogger is not so bad too), often I don't post because I think - why would any of you care what we do each day? Oh look at that, we did laundry and its quickly piling up in the family room because - no one wants to fold or put them away. Did I tell you I have empty drawers and an almost empty closest because I was purging my stuff one weekend? No? Of course you don't know, because I is that something you want to know about? (* updated edit - Perhaps, among all the nice perfect family blogs out there. Ok - so it's settled, I will bore you with our mess. So there you have it - I found the direction of our blog.) I also have issues of how I should be writing or wording my thoughts. Before kids, I cursed. A lot. And while it's different on the interwebs than it is in real life (because I occasionally shout from the roof tops. just kidding), I still like the occasional curse word or two and it will probably show up here and there.

Ok..I should get back to work, I'll see you all this weekend :)

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  1. Love the new design! Can't wait to get more frequent updates from you.

  2. Woot woot! Thanks for linking me!! (: I love passionfruit because it does everything for you!! I'm looking forward to following your blog!


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