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9:30 PM

Currently, I am... 

Worrying...a lot. About a lot of stuff..mostly about money and what the future holds for us since deep down, I really want something to change with my work (or at my work) and or career.

Listening to... my old Ray Charles records. Funny how one of them is called Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music - Not exactly what would come to mind when I think of Country & Western. husband watch Walking Dead without me!....

Wishing that my kids would know how to sleep in on the weekends and sleep better thru the night on weeknights (at least my littlest one, Raima) so I can get some much needed sleep. I guess it would help to also sleep early. I've tried each day this week and for some reason, I keep getting to bed around midnight!

Observing how Raima is starting to pick up some not so nice habits from daycare. She also has a few scratches too :(

Considering applying for a new credit card so I can buy my husband a ticket to the World Series here in SF. He is a big Giants fan (I'm an A's fan! but I guess I need to root for the Giants - Go Bay Area! I mean GIANTS!) but it's probably not such a good idea. One for the bucket list though for sure!

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  1. Interesting comments. My daughter is away at college, so I would have to say that I currently wish she were home! I wish she was still little like your pretty babies.

    Found your blog from Lets Be Friends Blog Hop.
    Cynthia at

  2. I am worrying about the same thing. Stupid money and work ;)Also how dare your husband watch Walking Dead without you - we are currently working our way through season 2. Love that show!

  3. I'm a constant worry wart. I wish I could be more laid back about, errr, everything....

    And I also wish Kale slept better. A constant wish for the past two and a half years!


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