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I am loving my new (to me - it's refurbished) DSLR. I have wanted a DSLR for a long time but I could never justify the purchase. But turning 35 was enough justification for me this time around. Plus I figure if I'm going to be serious about this blog, than using my iphone for photos is just not good enough.  So, I went for it. You know, I used to study photography back in college - before digital was the craze. I have always loved photography. We actually have a pretty good collection of SLR cameras around here (some were passed down from family), plus a few polaroid ones. One of my fantasy jobs was to become a photojournalist at the time, so I took a lot of photography classes.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. My Dad and siblings have decided to come up here to spend it with us. Usually we make the 400 mile drive to visit both sides of our families (which means A LOT of driving. For Charlie.) but this year, since we have been driving down almost every month since like June, we decided that (well our pocket book did) we would spend Thanksgiving here and just drive down for Christmas instead. We've decided to fry the turkey this year - it will be our first time..any tips, if you've fried your turkey before? As in how to not cause a fire or an oil filled, only partially cooked bird?

I am cooking less because lately Raima's daycare provider has been graciously having us stay for dinner (WHAT?! I know, right?! ). She makes us all sorts of yummy goodness like albondigas soup (meatballs soup) and Mexican red posole (pork & hominy stew). This has been such a lifesaver for me (except Charlie has to fend for himself when he gets home!) and I hope to find a way to express my gratitude to her. She recently suffered a loss (her sister in law passed away) and is actually closed tomorrow and Friday so she can go and attend the services in Southern California.

I am catching whatever my kids have caught at their daycares respectively. Raima has a slight cold and Jax is starting to sound as though he's coming down with something too. Maybe  it's the change in weather? Last weekend it was HOT - even in SF! and then these past few days? COLD..gray, and gloomy - typical Bay Area weather though.

I am missing my mom...

Raima is currently loving to still crawl, even though she can walk. I guess she gets around faster that way and gives her less chances of being shoved by her brother. Raima is looking to nurse as she sits on my lap as I type this...

Jax is cooking up all sorts of mischief. He didn't want to dress in costume on Halloween but loved running around the house in his cape and mask for the weeks leading up to Halloween!

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  1. Congrats on the camera purchase. I'm considering getting a dslr, but haven't a clue as to where to start. What model did you buy and what might you recommend to someone looking to take blog/family photos? Since you've taken classes, I'd trust your opinion.


  2. Thanks! I only purchased an entry-level one, which was refurbished AND used bill me later since they are offering 6 months with no interest if you pay it off by then. It was less than $400! I usually go here and here for photo goods.

    I got the Nikon D3100 with the kit lens (based off a blog/blogger I stumbled upon) but as soon as I did make the online purchase, I went thru buyer's remorse because I had found another camera (once again based off a blog/blogger) that I was more interested in, which was the Canon Rebel T2i (simply because it had more mega pixels and what it had more to offer). Both are good entry level cameras, or so I've read. Most would give the Canon a higher rating though. But, I'm no expert. I suggest looking at other bloggers you follow and see if they list what camera equipment they use and find out what you are comfortable with budget wise and go from there.

    The classes I took were for film cameras but it has helped me to start off on the DSLR using manual instead of the presets. Really, it is just all about playing with it. There are plenty of resources online and off to show you the way. Don't forget to purchase a memory card (at least class 6 or higher or whatever is recommended by the camera's manufacturer - read this article.)

    So far the Nikon D3100 hasn't disappointed. Now I just need to make a camera bag out of one of my purses. I'm so terrified of damaging it.

    Hope that helped!

  3. YAY for DSLRs! :) I have the Canon Rebel T3i and love it! :) New follower via the Hop! So excited to follow along! :)

  4. I've always wanted a DSLR! I hope you all feel better soon, I think the change in weather does it too! New follower from Me and the Moon! :)


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