Flowing (Music Mondays)

6:30 AM

The creative juices that is...I just made a big purchase online on some fabric (!!) and I'm feeling really good about it (and guilty since it was like $75 - that could have been for a bill or groceries instead - but hey, my birthday is coming up this month and well - I'm turning the big 3-5 (8-X..i just learned of this emoticon - see I'm not that old! It's supposed to be a skull & crossbones, you see it?) so I deserve it, right?).

I got some prints and some faux leather and suede. I'm thinking of making some clutches or tote bags with them and if it's successful, maybe I could give them as gifts for Christmas or birthdays, or that little special pay it forward gift (that sadly, only one person commented on - which was me..for a friend..sigh..).

Here is a sneak peek at some of the fabrics I ordered:

Premier Prints Zoom Zoom Twill River Rock
Premium Faux Suede Midas
Faux Soft Skin Leather Silver

CRAP! I just realized I didn't get one of the fabrics I wanted (a soft, with an almost golden toned leather!) :(. bummed...but I shouldn't get ahead of myself. I still have to create the patterns and then actually sew them! I'll keep you guys posted (and if you still want to get in on the pay it forward action - you can comment on the finished clutch - if it's a success.)

Happy Monday! And sticking with my theme - here's some music to start your week - but I took it from  here, I'm not genius enough to compile half as good of a "mix tape" these days, nor do I have the hours that go into making a good one.  Anyway, check that site out. It's a great music blog. Click the arrow --> above to listen, or go to that site and download some other ones too. There is this music blog too.  Enjoy!

And Congratulations to our friends, who welcomed their new baby boy. Happy Birthday Jack, born on the 7th at 7:07! hmmm...

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  1. Visiting from the RTF blog hop! Can't wait until I have more time to browse. I'm following via GFC, hope you'll visit and return the favor.

    Angie @ http://gloriousimperfection.blogspot.com/

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm glad I came over to check out yours!
    I love your "About" section! And your kiddos are ADORABLE!
    I'm looking forward to following your posts!

    Oh, and I love the fabrics you chose. Money well spent!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Lucky 7s, right?

  4. @Sweet Lady - of course! He is so adorable. Can't wait to meet him! Lucky Jack!


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