Friday - Perspective

10:39 AM

These days, in the morning, Jax does not want to get up (I don't blame him, neither do I).  This morning, he asked me to please turn off the lights (at least he said please!). He was sitting up waiting for me to do this, and when I finally did, he grabbed his cover and slammed his body back onto his bed and said, oh thanks! I told him that tomorrow you can sleep as long as you want. Okay, he said. Tomorrow you don't have to get up early, ok? Okay, mom he responded (ha, we shall see). I continued with getting Raima ready as she was climbing and playing on her toddler bed (that she doesn't sleep in yet, that we got for free off of freecycle) and I caught a glimpse of my mom in the painting that sits in the corner of their room. Her birthday is a week away.

So, as I stared at that painting I made of her, I thought of some things.  Sad, happy, bittersweet things. For awhile, I didn't know what to do with that painting. It's a painting I made when I was 14. Her face with a wreath of bright red carnations atop her head, flanked by my brother and myself as children. A happy looking painting, but I think of her during that time and think, was she really happy then? I've put it away several times and brought it back out again. I tried to put it up here and there not really finding a good home for it. It carries too many memories, but I like looking at it from time to time, so now it sits in the corner of my kids room. So that she's there watching her grandkids. It's also there to remind me to tell my kids about her, since I will be the only opportunity for them to know her.

I pointed to her, to the painting, and asked Jax - do you know who that is? Before he can give me an answer, I tell him. It's your grandma Cora. That's my mom. He says, that's my mama too! No, Jax, I say - it's my mama, she's not here today but if she was she would have loved you soooo much. I love her too, Jax says right away. That's my Grandma, he continues. That's your mom! he exclaims. My heart sung with delight watching him tell me this. So, I kiss my kiddos good bye and tell them I'd see them later. And it was off to work for me..

Happy Friday everyone..(I hope Jax remembers that he can sleep in tomorrow!)

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  1. Haha! That someecard cracks me up. Their mom ones are always great. Ha! Happy weekend :)

    ♥Nicole @ Me + the Moon

  2. This is so sweet. Sometimes kids know exactly the right thing to say. How are they so smart??


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