Monday Monday, Can't Trust That Day

6:00 AM

Grrr...Usually, I would have a playlist for you, but no, not today. Why not, you ask? Because the hour or so I spent creating the playlist last night (really this morning, it was past midnight already) I had on grooveshark (which I originally found out about thru this blog) all of a sudden kept playing (or rather not playing) with errors and so I refreshed and then tried again and nothing, so I hit back and when I did, there was no playlist. Apparently it didn't save any of the songs I just curated and "saved" onto my music Mondays playlist.

Oh Monday, how I loathe you..and now I have no music to get thru the day with. Not that it would have really mattered anyway because my work frowns upon music. They think its evil and is disruptive (bahumbug). We don't even have music on our hold line (I have resorted to ask to be placed on hold just to listen to some kind of music). I don't know about you but, for me - music helps me be more productive. It gets the juices flowing, the brain thinking and the body moving - ok, maybe that's why they don't allow music at my workplace.

In other news...we finally got a new camera. The photo above is courtesy of me playing with it (and using picmonkey - have you used that free site yet?!) a whole 4 days after I got it (for my birthday, I've never waited that long to open anything!). We got to play with it some more at Jax's daycare's halloween party. Where I made this cake.

I'll post photos up tomorrow & Wednesday for sure!

Hope your Monday is filled with some fun and music, especially music (I'm so jealous!).

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