Music Mondays

6:30 AM

Ugh, it's Monday again people. I hate Mondays. Bleh. I was hoping to start a regular post for Mondays on this blog, so music it is..and yes because it starts with M..lame? oh whatever (I'm channeling my 80's).

So when I was watching one of my recorded shows last night - Fringe - I'm a big fan - the episode ended with this Yaz/Yazoo song (signed on as Yaz in the US. Yazoo in the UK). I'm sure most people will understand the longing that is voiced in this song. not sure if the music is for everyone but - I'm a big fan of Erasure and Depeche Mode - so, there you go. In fact, when I heard the first few notes and synths - i was like, hmm - that sounds a lot like Erasure but i know my Erasure songs..and well, at least i got part of it right  (Vince Clark, part of Yazoo/Yaz band - synths guy & former song writer from Depeche Mode, later moved on to form Erasure). I don't know why I haven't yet heard this song - well, maybe in passing - supposedly it was in "Cant Hardly Wait"(remember that movie?).  Anyway, after the episode, I went and searched for the song and found this youtube clip. I just had to hear it again. The words just resonated with me and I thought of my mom. I've been thinking about her a lot more than usual these days. Maybe because her birthday is coming up in October (mine is too). Oh wait, it's OCTOBER already! Whoa..that means, a friend of ours is "due" in a week :) with their first baby.

Anyway, music is a good way to start of the work week, at least for me. I feel as though I've started to listen less to music since having kids though, and I'm not liking that too much. I have a record collection that needs to be listened to and that my kids need to be aware of. Music was such a part of my childhood and I can't believe I haven't started a tradition yet with them.

First thing up on my home agenda = dancing with my kids listening to an Erasure album, turned all the way up ;)

*then I thought, hmm, I wonder if the blogosphere already came up with music mondays - of course they did, of can link up here if you like.

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