Suddenly, It's Sunday

7:52 PM

Source: The Trouble with Tribbles by Edward Gorey.

I really wanted to do a whole lot this weekend but it didn't happen. I still have this nasty head cold and I'm just useless in this state. I need a nap, but each opportunity was meet with lethargy. I know, you would think I would just pass out but even taking a nap, was somewhat difficult for me.

Laundry was taken care of and folded, but not put away yet. I didn't even make my bed this morning. That should have been an indication right there that this day was just going to amount to a whole lotta nothing.

Jax ran into his room and I followed behind him with Raima. He asked, please can you close the light (he is after all half Filipino). I obliged. He jumped on his bed and quickly took refuge under the covers. I thought, smart kid. I want to crawl under the covers too. So I joined him along with his sister. We giggled, snuggled and just were a pile of laziness. I told him he had a really comfy bed. He said, well thank you. I like my bed. I like your bed too, I replied.

I didn't want this moment to end. I was hoping that I could nurse Raima to sleep and Jax would take a much needed second nap, since his first was a mere figment and it showed. I closed my eyes for a mere second to savor this moment with my kids. I have a love hate relationship with Sundays. It's one of those days where we have a whole lot of nothing happen, except chores, if they get done at all. But it's also the last day of our weekend. So, when 7:30 rolls around, I get a little sad that my weekend is almost over.

Today definitely catered itself to some melancholy. I finally made the bed though, it just took me 10 hours before getting to it. The kitchen is a mess as is every other room in this house. I just give in. As a fellow mom once told me, embrace the chaos.

{{Chaos}} Let's do this.

Ps. I'm starting to get somewhat behind on posts but I do have a lot lined up for you. Hoping to get to it this week. Bear with me :)

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  1. feel better lady! and yes, bring it Chaos!!! Whats life all clean and buttoned up anyways :)


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