Thankful Thursday - Link up!

10:40 AM

Although I am so much more tired these days, what with the kids, the hubs, my job, my freelance design stuff, my hobbies and this wonderful blog - I am SO thankful to have this busy-ness...thankful for my kiddos, my husband, and you all (THANK YOU NEW FOLLOWERS! My Twitter has been blowin' up! hehe.ok it really isnt)

I am hopeful that this new job post I saw (GULP, the deadline to apply is the 31st!) will be the change I seek & need. I am thankful for the many friends I have to lean on when it comes to that (thank you for looking over my resumes, cover letters and questionnaires!) And Hubs - Remember to look it over today!!

I am thankful for the many things that I do have, even though on some days it seems like I have more struggles then I would like..but such is life, and life ain't supposed to be easy. But you know, it probably could be and  I just make it much more difficult (I can hear my husband's eyes just pop out. Yes, I did just say I make things more difficult but I didn't say I was wrong :P)

What are you thankful for? Go link up over at Mustache Mama.

Speaking of coffee, I need another cup!

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  1. love your thank you's!

    Have a wonderful evening! Drop by & say hi!

  2. So true. I make life more difficult too...It must be a woman thing, lol So glad your numbers are climbing!! Sweet Sauce!!!!

  3. Well good luck on the job post and congrats on the new followers!! I am a new follower from the Bloglovin Blog Hop. I am co-hosting it today so thank you for taking part.

    Please visit me at A Geek In Glasses!
    have a great weekend!


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