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So, I turned 35 today- the 15th. THIRTY FIVE! and so far its been great...last year, I didn't really have a great birthday - it sort of unfolded as if it were straight from - Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I left my phone, lost my wallet (but found it), got separated from my husband and one of my kids, and then when we did find each other and thought, phew ok..let's get home and maybe go out to eat dinner. We were met with a very very flat tire. Womp womp. We waited for an hour for a tow guy (we had a spare but we didn't have a jack!), but all in all, it was fine, afer the puts things in perspective. it could have been worse, I know.

Anyway, I on Sunday this is how things unfolded: I did not want to get up. It felt as if it was sooo early still but it was already 9 am (my hubby let me sleep in, YAY!). He had gone to pick up some produce earlier but we were still out of milk so he said he would need to go out again and would bring Jax with him while Raima would stay with me. An hour goes by and I'm starting to get hangry...another 15 minutes go by and now I'm starting to get annoyed. Raima isn't willing to stay in her pack n play or play by herself while I make myself something or start getting breakfast ready for all of us. I text my friend who was going to take me out for a birthday brunch and a mani-pedi later in the day, how pissed off I am that Charlie isn't back yet - like, doesn't he know its my freakin bday weekend!? ugh..typical, I thought. She responded with a simple :D..I told her I couldn't wait for our girl time..

By the time Charlie got back, I needed to get ready to go. I made breakfast for them and coffee for me. In hindsight, I was acting like a temperamental toddler. Stomping about, talking under my breath, slamming refrigerator doors, until I realized, doing so would probably ruin our new fridge and flashes of our old fridge came to mind, so I quickly stopped that. I was pissing and moaning at all these groceries he just picked up and was annoyed, since it didn't seem necessary to have bought all these things. We only needed milk and bread. That was all that I was anticipating he was going to buy. So it should have been a quick trip to the groceries. AND he forgot the bread! I asked him if he got bread and he said no, which then Jax came out and said - yeah, daddy, we got bread. He tells Jax, no we didn't..they go back and forth on this issue but I didn't see any bread so I'm still my pissy pissy self. Oh expectations! Grrr...

Anyway, I get ready, actually put make up on (red lips!), jewelry (this lovely necklace) and do my hair (had to dust off the ol hair dryer of mine)! My friend picks me up and she's lookin like a hot mama too! All is good..I hug my kids, kiss and apologize to my husband...and off we go!

I was having a lovely time with the ladies..I started to feel bad that I didn't include some other girlfriends of mine but hey, this wasn't my planning so.... Got our nails did and headed to a place I had wanted to try for awhile to grab some lunch. Good food, great company and strong drinks! We had to walk around a little bit before we could drive back...(or wait, was that part of the stalling?)

We got back to my house around 3 since my friend said she needed to get back to her family and I all of a sudden realized I hadn't texted to see if the kiddos were still napping. Charlie was outside and met us, grabbed my hand and walked us thru the house, he was speaking in a whisper so I thought uh-oh, maybe the kids were still sleeping, I didn't see them while we walked thru the house though...and as I reached the top of our stairs that lead to our backyard...SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in tears in like 3 seconds. My backyard was filled with friends I hadn't seen in a long while. Some friends who are expecting and made it out to the east bay instead of staying in on a their lazy Sunday. Suddenly all that time at the grocery store made sense..and I felt like a complete asshole.

It was one of the best birthdays EVER. Thank you Charlie, I love you (and I'm sorry I was a jackass). Thank you to all my friends who made it out and kept me in the dark (you bastards!). Thank you to Mathilde & Mihaela for treating me to a mani-pedi, some food & strong drinks (and kept quiet when I said I was pissed off with Charlie this morning). 35, you're not so bad after all.

Music Mondays will be back next week :)

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