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11:04 PM

Raima is...

Reading.. *The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The classic book by Eric Carle. She likes sticking her finger in the little holes and turning pages and of course pointing.

Wishing.. that we would just let her walk back and forth (and back and forth) pushing her shopping cart (that used to be her brother's) all day (and thru the night) long.

Cooking.. play food (and other crap) in their play microwave.

Thankful..that she wasn't totally hurt today. She had a little spill and got a pretty nasty scrape. ON HER HEAD! She was at her daycare on a trip back from the park when it happened. It seems like Raima was able to unbuckle herself from the stroller. She has been fascinated by buckles and clasps and lids and is pretty good at getting things open and undone, apparently. (She is totally fine by the way. Though the scrape looks pretty nasty) - I'm just thankful she didn't hit her head or worse.(I don't even want to think about it.)

Currently I am..

Reading.. *Blog, Inc. - It was one of the gifts from my birthday (thank you). And actually some time tomorrow (Thursday 11/15) there will be a live chat about it here, if you want to check it out. My favorite part of the book is reading the interviews of established bloggers. It's nice to fantasize about being a successful and established blogger like the author or this mama, or this other mama. But with it takes a lot of work and time, and I don't think new bloggers realize this (ok, maybe they do). I think, as I did (do), we fantasize about the glamorous parts and not so much about the "actual" stuff, like the late nights and the constant thinking of and working on the blog. Since I have another (once full time) job, working on the blog is another full time job that I have to accomplish among everything else. But it's something that I truly enjoy. I like to (over) share my life and my mess (ups). I have a pretty good routine now and it usually involves Raima nursing to sleep on my lap (exactly as it is now) while I write out my thoughts and schedule posts. I still manage to spend at least 4-5 hours every night on my blog. But, I'm looking forward to my Mondays off to accomplish so much more and use my evenings to hang out with my husband instead (we have a very full dvr to get thru).

(you can go here to see the recorded "live" chat)

Wishing.. that I will find/get a new job. One that pays better or at least the same (there I go settling again) has great benefits and not just health, vision and or dental ones, but the benefits that come with working for a good sustainable company. One that builds relationships and connections rather than burn bridges. A company that I can standby and be proud to be a part that too much to ask? (don't answer that)

Cooking.. lots of easy stuff, like fritattas for dinner, soups and homemade pizzas. Although, I did just roast a whole chicken last night (at like 8:50 PM!) because of a facebook post! The post reminded me that I had a thawed a whole chicken a couple of days ago, and that I probably should do something with it..I'm having it for lunch today but I'm a bit bummed that I didn't have the chance to make a gravy and some stuffing. What? too early for Thanksgiving fixins? I think not!

Thankful.. that despite all the mess that is happening in our lives right now (family in the hospital, reduced work hours, bills, etc) that my spirits are up.  That I continue to have faith and hold onto a strong desire to accomplish so much more than these negative things in my life. I am very thankful for all that I, friends..and you guys (for serious).

Next weeks themes: Hoping, Enjoying, Inspired by, Listening to, Craving... 

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  1. your little one is absolutely adorable!!

  2. It's never too early for stuffing and gravy!

    I would like to look up that Blog, Inc. book. Thanks for sharing about that!

    1. Hope you were able to check out her live chat!

  3. dose your man work? how do you pay for daycare a big house and organic food?

    1. Why yes, my husband works - he's a teacher. He's also going thru school to earn his credential. We get buy and make ends meet and are very fortunate. I'm the one that handles all the finances and ever since I was a kid growing up with hardworking immigrant parents who held up 2-3 jobs at a time when I was younger. I learned how to be extremely resourceful.

      We don't own our house. We rent and live in what is called a transitional neighborhood in Oakland - meaning, that you go up one or two blocks, it could be a very different kind of neighborhood. But our block is pretty safe.

      We buy organic and local when we can. We go to a produce market that offers local and organic produce that has a discount section - that section is where we always shop. We also shop at Grocery Outlet, another discount store - that has everything your regular store would have, including organic products at a fraction of the cost.

      I was going to write about this in a future post - which I am working on. Hope you'll be back to check it out.


    2. ugh..I meant by..we get by..bahhhh I need coffee.

  4. wow! i did not mean for you or your readers to think that I was judging you! I am a mom, and pregnant with with second child. the father of my children was in the military. we had planned to get married but he was always over sea and we did not have the cash for a wedding with a child to support and him away. He was killed while in duty and now i am alone with (soon to be 2 children) because we were not married I do not get any death benefits. ( if you can call it that) I was only asking becasue I wondered how you made ends meet. anyways your blogg helped...sorry you took it the wrong way

    1. First of all - I'm so sorry for your loss. And second, I didn't take your comment as you judging me. I, too get curious when I read the blogs I stalk and wonder how they do it sometimes so your comment just spurred on a post I had been thinking of and have been meaning to write up. But I also wanted to have people just be aware that things aren't always as they seem- including your comment, as evidence to your reply comment- that you really can't judge a commentor by their comments! We all fall prey to making quick judgements, we are after all only human.

      I hope you can find support thru family & friends..Don't be too proud (I know I used to be) to accept help from people, especially if they offer it! We make ends meet with a lot of budgeting AND support from our friends and family.


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