Friday Perspective - Dreams

12:03 PM

It's finally Friday! This morning I didn't know what my mood would be, because I haven't been getting to bed early (I tried last night, and well - did get to be at 11:30 but then didn't actually try to sleep until 11:54!) and now have a sick baby co-sleeping next to me, so suffice to say, I haven't had any quality sleep (a measly 54%!)). Plus, last night I had this really strange dream (which must mean that last night I did get some quality sleep, right? or deep sleep? anyway..) that had these tight & upsetting feelings carry over into reality. Jax wasn't cooperating with me to get his clothes on fast enough since it turned out that I was the one who was going to be driving him to school (yes, I say school instead of daycare because really - he's learning there) and not Charlie and time was ticking away...

I had to remind myself to slow down, enjoy..hey, I get to spend time with my kiddo - one on one like I said, even though it will be for a short minute, but it's better than nothing at all. He sang, I listened (and now his song is stuck in my head, and I don't even know any of the words!). He asked me questions, I answered as best I could (you don't like the freeway mommy? Why?...Why?). He asked me to pick him up and gave me extra hugs and kisses, and even though I was somewhat late to work, it was all worth it. 

Just that little time with Jax totally changed my outlook on what the day could is good and then I get to work, and no one's there but me (yay!). I proceeded to check my inbox and saw that I had new comments (woot! thank you guys!). Getting those emails really brightens up my day. For reals. Then I scrolled down (I really need to clean my inbox!) and received an opportunity to become an affiliate for the clothing company, Shabby Apple! I was very surprised (and flattered) that they reached out to me! But you can also sign up to become an affiliate by going here.

Have you guys seen their stuff? I am in love with their retro style clothing, but am especially loving and inspired by their program for emerging designers. It has always been a (yet another) dream of mine to have my own clothing line. I went (back) to school to study pattern making & fashion design at Apparel Arts Academy in SF. It was an amazing, hands-on experience (and took me a long time to accomplish). If you've ever wanted to make clothes and are located in the Bay area, I'd suggest checking them out (I completed the program in 2003, I think). They offer intensive seminars, day and evening classes to suit most schedules. Anyway, I hope to one day, enter some of my designs to the thing at a time though first..I still have those clutches and or tote bags to make!

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Full Disclosure: Yes, the Shabby Apple links are affiliate links, which means that when you click on the link or image of the site AND make a purchase, I will get a small commission from that purchase for leading you to their site and loving something enough that you bought it. Please know, that whenever I am approached to share a deal, do a sponsorship or an affiliate program, I will always be honest about it and only accept what I believe in and can standby. I will always have the best interests of my readers and my family in mind, in doing so. All sponsored or shared posts will always be my own thoughts and opinions and will never be swayed. Thank you.

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