Monday Mourning Music

7:00 AM

Monday Mourning Playlist by tinyheat on Grooveshark

Hi Everyone. Thank you all, once again, for your thoughts, prayers and wonderful support. For some, I know during times like these, there are no words to express the comfort one wants to give. Some people find comfort in being with company and others would rather have some solitude. For me, I like to wallow in music, (how emo of me).

This Monday's playlist could have gone was really hard to only choose, at most 10 songs. Music is such a great thing - always there when you need it most. In fun and happy times as well as sad and lonely times.
In Loving Memory, Pompeyo Licas, Jr.
For more information regarding the memorial services and or to learn more about my grandfather, visit the memorial page.

*To those of you who are just coming to my little blog for the first time - Welcome, I know my recent posts have been a bit sad - and while this is not usually the state this blog is in, this is my world right now. Feel free to take a look around and or stop on by these other lovely blogs and maybe add your little slice of the blogosphere here:

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