5:52 PM

So there were those few photos from one of the Halloween parties. Oh wait, I still have all those ones from my camera I need to upload. SIGH. Oh well...There is never enough time in the day, is there? Well, I think this weekend we get one hour of it back, so I hope to use it to clean up our office/craft room so I could actually get to crafting! I still have bolts of fabric laying on the bed (the room also doubles, or is it triples? - as our guest room), empty boxes and unopened mail (those bills can wait, right?!) Actually, who am I kidding - I hope to get some sleep! That's really all I want. I have not been sleeping well at all! Probably doesn't help that I stay up till a little past midnight working on the blog and some other freelance stuff. The screenshot above is from an app called Sleep Cycle. I found out about it on Mustache Mama's IG, one of her followers recommended it as an alarm clock.  I don't have an opinion on it yet, but it certainly has an opinion about my sleep.

Anyway, I should try and get dinner started...SIGH..*breathes deeply*

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