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Hi! I wanted to introduce you guys to a couple of last month's sponsors. Usually, what I like to do is if you've bought (or swapped) a sponsor spot for the month, I'll do two shout outs. One, the month that you sign up and second, the month after your ad has expired, so that way you get a little bit more exposure! I know I didn't do an introduction at the beginning of October, and I do apologize for that. I am working on getting a full sponsor shout out post.

By the way, I am still accepting sponsor swaps, so if you are interested in getting in on the November action (remember to vote! sorry, had to plug that in there somehow) click on the advertise page without further ado:

*** Lovely Past Sponsors ***

nicole may
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Hey all you lovely reader's of Our Baby Wagners! My name is Nicole and you can find me over at my little slice of blogland, Sunkissed with a Twist. I just blog for the fun of it, because let's face it - blogging is super fun! You can read about all sorts of things like my fur babies, yummy recipes, funny stories, my travels/my life in Germany (coming soon), an ornament swap, or things like how to do your fall makeup. So come on over, because I'd love to get to know ya! :)

1. I lived in Germany for three years when I was 15 and my mom and dad still live there! I get to visit a resort town on the reg. (Just kidding - I go about once a year!) Pictures coming soon!
2. I'm from Texas and I bleed burnt orange for my Texas Longhorns! Hook 'em Horns! \m/
3. I am a fabulous cook! My kitchen skills will knock your socks off and make you slap yo momma! But you should try to refrain from slappin' yo momma, because that wouldn't be nice now, would it? :)

Meet Nicole, she blogs over at Me + the Moon. I first "met" Nicole, when starting up my blog again and found her Friday Blog hop - which is on every other Friday {make sure to head over there to link up! It's still on for another 12 hours!}

Oh and I got to ask her a couple of questions too:

1. How has your style changed since becoming a mom, if it has changed at all?

My style has become a little more comfortable and relaxed than it used to be - in part because of motherhood, and part because of Florida weather. If it's a cooler day, I'm usually in jeggings, flats (or if I'm lucky--knee high boots,) and a dolman sweater, or mini dress on top; usually with my hair in a side braid, or top knot. (Florida weather is the worst!) And I have a little more simplistic makeup routine, so I just look fresh-faced-- nothing too heavy. 

2. How do you give yourself some much needed "me" time?

I usually try to squeeze in time for myself during naps, and at night, when husband takes over. He's always a big help on the weekends too, so I can accomplish whatever I need to, even if it's just sitting down to unwind for a bit with coffee and the newspaper. :)

 Please visit their sites to see their side of the world...Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

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