Toddler Tuesday - Independence

7:00 AM

What can I say? Jax these days is definitely a handful but for good reason. He's really coming into his own and asserting his independence but then sometimes he doesn't and wants to be treated like his little sister - taken care of like a baby. He wants you to help him with everything, as if he's forgotten how to do it all by himself. And it was just 10 minutes ago that he was arguing with you that he can, in fact, do it all by himself. Ahh, three year olds. At least that's how my three year old is.

Before this age, whenever he would tell you something and you couldn't quite understand him, you could always get away with feigning some sort of understanding by saying oh, ok or really? I usually ask him a few more times, and if that doesn't clear up my understanding, I then ask him to say it in Spanish and then if that fails, will just resort to the - oh?! yeah?! but now, not so much. He actually gets really upset and will tell you, NO, don't say OH! and he will continue to ask you the question or repeat what he is trying to convey until you get it, or he's distracted enough to move onto something else (which is usually the case sometimes.)

I also love how he pieces his sentences together, even though I know it's incorrect grammar (probably my fault. Oh no, wait - he's three.) and Charlie will try and correct him, but hello? he's three! I love how he asks and screams - where you are? Whenever he is looking for anyone. Like, Daddy? Where you are? Sometimes though he does say it right, I guess it just depends on the situation. But maybe it's different in a three year old's perspective..

And people, please - GO VOTE!

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