Toddler Tuesdays - An Easy Lunch

9:52 AM

Raima eating torn up pieces of quesadillas

My wonderful husband, Charlie, took the kiddos to the park so I could work on some website stuff and clean the house (the latter didn't happen). I wanted to have lunch ready for them when they got back because otherwise, my toddler probably wouldn't eat and just fill up on snacks (my bad). Since I had cheese, cans of beans, tortillas and such, I thought heck I can make us some mission super style burritos (unfortunately, I thought we had sour cream but apparently we didn't) and some quesadillas for the kiddos. Easy!

To my surprise - the kiddos ate it up and liked it. I was afraid the blue corn 7 flaxseed tortilla would be off putting but no :).

I am looking forward to some one on one toddler time with Jax, which I plan on doing on some Mondays (since my post didn't make it up about my reduced hours, yeah so that's why I'll have time to spend with my kiddo. Which is great. It's a blessing in disguise). Lately, he's either very sweet to us and his sister or is easily upset and can act out. I need to find new activities for him too - aside from the play dough, painting and superhero activities. What are some go to toddler activities that you do with your kiddos?

So, we had to change our Thanksgiving plans and we will now be doing the 400 mile drive to visit and be with family this Thanksgiving because of my grandfather's poor health. He isn't improving much and is hooked up to a machine. I don't want to make the same mistake I had made with my other grandfather and choose to see him another time, because what if there isn't another time? Even though money is extra tight now, what with my reduced hours, family is important and for some reason, things get taken care of. I have faith. Remember that cost we weren't anticipating on for our car repair? Well, we also hadn't anticipated receiving a bonus in the amount of that repair from Charlie's work! all evened out. I'm not a religious person, but I do believe in God. I always have to laugh at myself when I get crazy with worry and then it gets smoothed out. Then I think - why did I waste that energy? I should have known. I should have had some faith. Silly me.

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