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Thursday nights we usually spend with this lovely family. It's actually been awhile since we've had our usual Thursday nights with them because they've been busy with out of town guests and we were also pretty busy ourselves..

I started to tell Jax a week ahead of our regular Thursday night visits (and the day of the visit), that when we go to other people's houses, especially if they are our best friend, that we are gentle and respectful of them and their toys. That since we are going to Eve's house, and they are Eve's toys. if there is a toy that you are playing with and Eve says she would like it, to go ahead and give it to her and find something else. I try to remind him that we are there to be with friends and we don't treat our friends with pushing or shoving or have them feel sad.  It doesn't always work, but I do think that it has helped some.

Last Thursday, was the first night I had noticed how different they are playing together in comparison to before. There is now much more role playing involved, like playing dentist or doctor and more time spent talking to each other and coming up with "rules" and conversations like this: "it's like this, right?" "you do it like this? Right?" kind of stuff. Previously, maybe even just a month ago or so, there was more playing (and fighting) over toys and items. We would have to constantly interrupt, redirect, then go back to our adult conversations and of course prepping for dinner and then redirection begins all over again and often.

I am hearing (ok, reading on other blogs) that it wasn't the terrible twos but in fact it is the terrible threes to be aware of - so far, I'm hopeful. Sure, sometimes Jax can test my limits and abilities but with them is a new lesson for patience and of a better understanding to toddler behavior, even if it's something I have to do over and over and over again.

This past Saturday we were invited to one of Jax and Eve's friends' birthday party and honestly - it was one of the best parties I've been to in awhile, this is including adult parties! All the kids played well with only one minor meltdown (over a blanket but it was the birthday girl so..she had every right to cry at her party, right?) and there were adults and adult conversation (and adult beverages!). It was really a great time for all:

How about you? Have you noticed any differences in your toddlers with how they go about things from one age to the next? How they have changed, improved and grown? It is a little bittersweet since, they aren't babies anymore and yet I still can't help to scoop my little toddler up and squeeze him (ever so gently of course) and hug him, and kiss him and love him..I'ma call him George ;)

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