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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for being a little MIA recently, but I did warn you guys about me posting sporadically this month - hey, it's the holidays! - anyway..I've been quite sick lately, damn kids ;) both my kids infected me - but hey that's nothing new, right?

So what have I been up to? Lately, I've been trying to pursue my more creative side, still not making a buck with it but you know, it doesn't matter because I love doing it. Part of the reason why I love it so much - is helping people and making people happy - helping people with their web design, their small business, answering an html, blogger or wordpress question - I just love it. I've also found my way back to one of my original loves - photography. Getting that DSLR camera did wonders and I found myself loving the whole process, being behind the camera, and seeing the natural beauty & quirks everywhere. I even got to do some maternity photos (my first!) for a friend and also just take some photos of their family being a family...

Anyway - here are some photos from the "shoot":

What do you think? There were over 500 shots that night! There were lots of lovely maternity ones and I'm actually still in the middle of processing & editing them all. The lovely mama has herself a blog too - you can visit here, or just go to my blog love section.

Ok, I'm really going to try and sleep before midnight tonight. I've been burning the midnight oil much too much these days and really need to unglue myself from the computer (editing, website design, reading blogs, I mean..working..ahem)

What are you all up to? It's been awhile...Hope you are all still stickin' around, and thank you if you
are :)


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  1. Lovely pictures! The second one is my favourite. I love shots where people are "caught in the moment" rather than posing.

    1. Thanks! Those are my favorite too - the candid and unexpected moments.

  2. Those photos are great; what a sweet little family!

  3. great photos. What camera and lense are you using?

    1. Hi Gina! Only a Nikon D3100 - which I am quickly outgrowing. The lens used was a Nikon 50mm 1.8. Now I need to save up to get an upgrade and I can't decide if I should just stay with the DX format or go with the FX - which costs wayyy too much money!


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