Currently {Link Up} - No. 10

12:00 AM

Welcome to another week of the Currently Link up posts! This weeks theme is Making, Thinking, Loving, Cooking & Dreaming.. So come on, join us and link up what you are currently up to! ( don't have to follow this theme, you can just share whatever it is that you are currently up to)

Currently I am...

Making .. a list in my head of what to pack and NOT forget this time around (like the kids suitcase with all their clothes in it!) on our trip back down to LA.

Thinking.. about a whole lotta stuff. My brain is constantly overloaded with stuff that I am having some difficulty sleeping lately. I am thinking about how I will be able to overcome my fears of public speaking this Saturday as I do one of the first readings at my grandfather's funeral.

Loving.. the fact that I have to turn on the heater, is that weird? I love the sound it makes, and the ever so faint smell of the heater too. Ok, that's probably weird. (What? You didn't know that about me? I'm pretty weird) I love that the cold makes it even better for snuggles and being cozy. Hot chocolates, I love those too. With little marshmallows. I guess this time of year, I really think about my childhood and being a kid.

Cooking..a tortilla de patatas  - well, Charlie will be cooking this tonight. It's one of our go to road trip food items to pack (as well as a go to potluck item). Because it can be eaten with one hand, doesn't have to be warm and the kids like it. (This is the recipe that Charlie adapted his from, but it's in Spanish. He has since made it so that he only uses very little oil. but there is also this recipe from Smitten Kitchen - haven't tried it but I use her site a lot)

Dreaming.. fantasizing really, of making the transition from working for someone to working for myself or dreaming about this opportunity I have to take over an already established business and making it my own, and having it grow, get better and so on. Sigh...oh dreams..

Now it's your turn, what are you currently up to?

Next weeks theme is: reading, listening to, hating, laughing, ignoring

Ps. There will be a guest post tomorrow and possibly Saturday (if you want to guest post - message me!) as we will be spending time with family for my grandfather's memorial services. If I do have time or am compelled to write or share something during this time, I'll post! See you all on Monday :)

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