National Day of Remembrance - Bloggers for Sandy Hook

7:59 AM

I'm joining in many other bloggers who are taking a "day of silence" in honor of the families affected by the shooting in Connecticut. I know it isn't much, but it's a little something.... I had actually emailed a good friend of mine over the past week and in light of the tragedy she told me that her cousin goes to that school, he was ok - he was a fourth grader. I think she said the teacher locked them in a broom closet. I had forgotten she was originally from the East Coast. I cannot even begin to imagine what that community, the relatives, and the parents are going through from the losses this tragedy brought. I am so so sorry for your loss.

For ways to help, here are some online campaigns you can contribute toward right away. If you know of other online efforts to help the victims, please share them in the comments.
For more ways to help visit here:  The Huffington Post and Mashable for the original source of these online campaigns

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