(Somewhat but not really) Wordless Wednesday - A Holiday Edition

7:00 AM

While I would love to have our own house decked out for the holidays and even get a tree, we are forgoing it this year since we will be spending the holidays down in Los Angeles with our families. I hope to get a tree though next year and start a tradition with picking out a tree, just like we did when we were kids, except my dad would have us wait till the very last minute (like on his birthday - the 23rd!) so we can get the best deals. Much to the chagrin of my mom.

The houses above are from a neighborhood in Alameda, CA. Jax kept asking if we were going to go inside each of the houses. It was a nice memory for me, especially since this particular day (Sunday night, dreading that Monday was just around the corner) I was in a bit of a mood and funk. I couldn't will myself to get motivated to do much of anything. Thankfully, Charlie convinced me to get outside for a walk around our block - and by the time we were all outside, the kids bundled up and in their footed jammies, I said - well, we're all ready to go, might as well get in the a car and go to see the lights. And so we did.

I remember, as a kid, our parents taking us out for a drive to visit neighborhoods that would get all decked out for the holidays. It was one of our family traditions. So I guess, this means this can be one of our traditions too.

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  1. We use to drive around random neighborhoods too to see all the houses decked out! We lived in the country, so when ever we made trips to town and it was dark by the time we were heading home, we would find the nearest place and just drive around. We have some great houses in our county that get decked out too, so its fun to get bundled up in the car as a family to enjoy it together! We even have a Car Audio business that goes all out, he some how syncs the blinking lights to a certain music station, it's pretty freakin awesome!! I will have to try and get video of it to post!
    Thanks for sharing these pics, took me down memory lane for a little bit!


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