The End of Naps As We Know It?

6:11 PM

Hi everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed your lovely families as much as I did.

I'm slowly getting back to blogging and the mess that is our house. Sigh. I wanted to do so much today. Clean the house, clean up the blog (still in progress, so excuse the design mess), get to some crafts, get to some people on my wait list for their blog re-design, get to some emails, etc. Of course, this was all relying on the kiddos taking a nap and well...that didn't happen. Jax refused to nap. Sure, he'd lay down and then get up again and ask questions and go through his stall tactics. It was pushing close to two hours now and I figured, the nap is now a figment of my imagination. I resorted to the "quiet time" - letting him stay in his room, lights out, and just be quiet (HA!)...that's him in the photos NOT doing as I say and trying to break free...

Are we at that point now that he no longer needs his (only) nap? Oh please god, no! I'm not ready for it! I don't wanna..noooooo...

What age did your toddler stop taking his only nap? How did you cope? How did your toddler do without this, in my opinion, still a much needed nap?

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  1. I so dread this monster is 18 months and still napping a good 1-2 hours. I pray this never ends.....

  2. Kale has had a small handful of days where he's skipped his nap and they were the WORST days! Some people have suggested that I try cutting out his nap to make his night time sleep better, but there is no way I'm ready for that. NO WAY!


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